New music for 2017

New album coming. Talk of a label release of vinyl version….

new music sample


Vinyl / lathe ideas

There are embryonic talks afoot of vinyl or lathe issues of ‘Others See What We Are Blind To’, ‘Thicker Fog’ and ‘Sorry, I Failed To…’. More details will arise in the new year, but at this stage, they will be self-funded and on a very limited press. Probably no more than 20 copies per release. We have an email mailout dedicated to this vinyl idea, so if you would like more info as it comes, please sign up here:

Signatories will receive info regarding this vinyl first, before it comes up on the website, bandcamp, facebook or whatever other news channel. There will be links for payment and ordering via the mailout.

Unless, of course, some massive label picks us up! hahaha!

The Dead Format


It’s an artefact. It’s gathering dust. It’s a dead format

It has a shelf life of 100 units, never to be spooled again.

It’s already dead.

Black Horizons have confirmed that BH-87 & BH-104 will be the only label releases to feature the stunning ‘four panel j-card on black linen stock with silver offset printing (with) a die-cut front panel that peaks through to a 2-sided, four panel insert in full color’. BH-87 & BH-104; sister releases, never to be seen again.

It’s an instant antique. It’s gathering dust.

It’s already dead.

There is no digital download with this tape. If you don’t have a tape deck, you cannot listen to it. Remaining true to the heart of a dead format.

It is an artefact.

There is talk, rumour and innuendo for a more user-friendly, mass-appeal edition, but nothing set yet. Which is probably for the best. There is no mass-appeal here. Any further editions that may see the light of day will not feature this unique Black Horizons layout.

Listen with weirdness.


Sorry, I Failed To… cassette now available


With a humility and pious grace, Brown Snake Kills Dog can now announce unto the world the cassette release of our latest album ‘Sorry, I Failed To…’. Our gratitude to James Livingston and Black Horizons knows no boundary.

‘A fascinatingly unique new project from the Persistence In Mourning camp, featuring Andy Lippoldt joined by Justin Summers, of Australia. That being said this is a long distance collaboration that also goes places that PIM doesn’t. The heavy, raw, noisy bedroom-level production remains, but the influences are broader and more forthright. Take blues, dark folk, even country, and siphon it through a gritty industrial filter and you might start to begin to describe their sound. Four panel j-card on black linen stock with silver offset printing that has a die-cut front panel that peaks through to a 2-sided, four panel insert in full color featuring the foreboding, dark landscape selection of photography from Gretchen Heinel. Edition of 100 on purple tapes with silver labels.’

Order here:

Sorry, I Failed To… from Black Horizons

Sorry, I Failed To… on Discogs