Actually, new music for 2018

We lied. Couldn’t get it together for a 2017 release, but it looks like the rusty wheels on the BSKD sloth engine are getting a small lube job and will begin to roll.

A 7” lathe to come first. The A side will feature a track from the album, the B side will be a non-album number. Mastered for mono, the lathe should be dropping soon via Wildcall Records, here in Brisbane. 30 copies only.

The full-length album ‘Her Dust Will Envelope You Too’ will come later in the year. The tracks are pretty much done. Tweaking and mastering to come and we’ll be ready to let loose this mini-beast.

We’re planning for a run of 100 LPs, 40 standard pro-duped CDrs and 10 deluxe pro-duped CDrs.

Whilst we always hope that an initial run like this may garner interest in a wider release, the reality is that this stuff won’t entertain many, so if you’re reading this (highly unlikely, we know), you may well want to grab one of these initial copies.

News to follow here and on bookfarce.

Vinyl / lathe ideas

There are embryonic talks afoot of vinyl or lathe issues of ‘Others See What We Are Blind To’, ‘Thicker Fog’ and ‘Sorry, I Failed To…’. More details will arise in the new year, but at this stage, they will be self-funded and on a very limited press. Probably no more than 20 copies per release. We have an email mailout dedicated to this vinyl idea, so if you would like more info as it comes, please sign up here:

Signatories will receive info regarding this vinyl first, before it comes up on the website, bandcamp, facebook or whatever other news channel. There will be links for payment and ordering via the mailout.

Unless, of course, some massive label picks us up! hahaha!